The MIKRUS complex, based on the general laws of human society, develops and implements the following programs:

  1. The interstate system of a multistructure planned financial economy with public and private forms of ownership.
  2. Interstate system of registration and financial system for compliance with the rules of payment of state and interstate duties for leased land.
  3. The interstate system of accelerated implementation development of a multistructure systemically planned innovative economy among the member states of the system.
  4. State system for the development of private land ownership with a single registry,
  5. accelerating the formation of a single rental payment for the use of land and natural resources.
  6. Interstate Unified System of RAW RESOURCE RELATIONS.
  7. Interstate Unified System of ENERGY STANDART.
  8. Interstate unified financial and credit system with on-farm settlement, with the aim of operational interbank provision of financial resources.
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