MIKRUS Balkan System

MIKRUS – BALKAN, as a historical platform responsible for the preparation and unification of conglomerates elite groups, representatives of the elite (representatives of financial, political, scientific, spiritual directions)
Montenegro, Serbia, Republika Srpska, Macedonia and all territories inhabited by Orthodox Christian and the Serbian people, through the unique powers of the MICRUS SYSTEM, ruled by Mr. Slobodan Jovanovic with his associates, began work and process towards the well-being of all peoples and nationalities on the mentioned spaces.
Close interaction of all interested patriotic movements, peoples and associations with the direct ones By managing the process MIKRUS  – BALKAN the space for creation of the international spiritual community was opened The Eternal Orthodox Spiritual Path of the Holy Trinity to the People of the Balkans as part of the “Orthodox Spiritual Center Russia, through the complete, peaceful and focused existence of peoples, nations, nationalities, communities and others associations in the Balkans.
Organization and Development of the International Open Community The Eternal Orthodox Spiritual Path of the Holy One The Trinity of the Nations of the Balkans “is based on the fundamental laws of the universe and worldview, the new spiritual foundations of the Balkan peoples, laws of love, spiritual and divine well-being and interethnic harmony and the intention to secure planetary association for the purpose of the peaceful life and existence of States, peoples, nations, communities and other spiritual-divine structures created by man.
International Open Community The Eternal Orthodox Spiritual Path of the Holy Trinity to the People of the Balkans which includes representatives of all classes, ethnic groups, confessions, Balkan elites, will determine the conceptual and ideological direction in direct collaboration with the International Spiritual Center in Russia, which will allow to restore the broken brotherly bond between our peoples as soon as possible Representatives of MIKRUS BALKAN headed by Mr. Slobodan Jovanovic and his associates through The international open community The Eternal Orthodox Spiritual Path of the Holy Trinity of the People of the Balkans are direct participants of the supreme governing body (functions according to the Round Table system) INTERNATIONAL ORGANIC CHAIRS OF RUSSIA, and their task will be to form a new planetary divine order, providing a whole host of old historical, spiritual and ecclesiastical facts and documents that we own at our system. The Russian-Serbian project of the spiritual and divine-social and historical program, in this the context aims to create fundamentally new international intergovernmental governance schemes relations, between the parties involved, at the interstate level.
MIKRUS – BALKAN PLATFORM Current work of “MIKRUS – BALKAN” in the Balkans, through a unique unification platform nations, the interaction of all business, financial, industrial and humanitarian internationals monopoly structures, aims to gather around a global project proposed by the MIKRUS System civilization.
Strengthening and renewing close financial and economic ties between the Balkan Peninsula and Russia.
Planned, integrated, systematic and predictable management of private, state, intergovernmental national industries and the mutually beneficial growth of financial and commodity flows between friendly the peoples of Russia, Serbia and the Balkans.
Building close and partnerships with all morally mature, patriotic organizations
interested in rebuilding the Balkan world in cooperation with Russia and representatives of elites (spiritual, financial, economic, industrial, scientific) and security agencies. MIKRUS – BALKAN activity will be fully focused on establishing direct dialogue between world centers where spiritual and historical experiences for the benefit and benefit are concentrated Human and Human civilization.

In the context of the above, and as part of the MIKRUS System, the Institute of New Technologies-City has already been established Science-Uneskum, which has the task of implementing and further developing future technologies that we own and want to make the peoples of the Balkans available. We invite you to be the first President of the Institute of New Technologies-City of Science-Uneskum, and with his knowledge, experience and reputation you contribute to its development. We already have well-known academics on the Russian side.
The goal of our communication with you, because of the aforementioned  reputation, experience and knowledge, is that in these times of the schism and all the problems that plague our corps, we establish joint cooperation and begin a concerted one a historical process for the well-being of our people.

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