Our goals

The MIKRUS interstate property complex of the Commonwealth of Independent States and the countries of near and far abroad is a system that establishes at the planetary level new strategic, ideological, cultural and moral, socio-economic priorities for integrated human development.

The interstate property complex “MIKRUS” is aimed at making a noosphere transition, which includes achieving the following goals:

  • Stabilization, security, balance of political forces on the planet;
  • Creation of a space science and technology system;
  • Intellect of new noosphere thinking creation;
  • System of natural noosphere human upbringing and education creation;
  • System of natural genetic sustainable planned development creation;
  • System of self-adaptation and self-control of the individual and the state creation;
  • Creation of an innovative system-planned management in the areas of economics, finance, planning,
  • Social structure, politics based on the Universal Laws of the World and the General Laws of human society;
  • Creation of a natural genetic system of world cognition;
  • Creation of a system of highest expediency of the world community based on the Universal Laws of the World
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