The MIKRUS complex, relying on the periodic system of the General laws of human society, develops and implements the following programs:

  1. Creation of the Interstate planning structure of the strategic innovation planning of national economies and their modernization in the states of the system
  2. Creation of interstate legislation on the basis of the periodic system of special laws of jurisprudence.
  3. Creation of an interstate unified rent determination mechanism.
  4. Creation of an interstate unified mechanism for cadastral valuation of land.
  5. Creation of an interstate unified mechanism for the cadastral assessment of the passage of air transport, subsoil assessment, assessment of water areas, assessment of the cost of natural resources that make up the system.
  6. Creation of an interstate unified pricing system for goods, products, services, based on the quality of products, the degree of usefulness of the product, goods, services, novelty, time of suitability, energy – equivalence, the amount of the created product, goods, demand and solvency of the population.
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