In order to strengthen the power of scientific research of the MIKRUS complex, create an interstate system of noospheric science, with the goal of mastering the theory of creation and the genetic energy-informational unity of the world with its subsequent transition to space science, which is absolutely consistent with the general laws of cognition and understanding the universal laws of the world for what to create:

  • retraining system for managers at all levels of government responsible for the state and interstate sectors of the “Sciense” system under TCGEIUW programs;
  • retraining system for TCGEIUW programs for employees of scientific institutions and industry sectors at all levels;
  • methodological services of the MIKRUS SYSTEM for creating training programs of various profiles based on TCGEIUW, the general laws of the world, the general laws of human society, the general laws of cognition and comprehension, the general laws of planet Earth;
  • a system of expert assessments of scientific, educational, technical, technological, service and other products for their compliance with the universal laws of the world.
  • main scientific expert council.
Scientific programs of the MIKRUS system

To conduct research, form the following programs:

  1. Interstate solar system study program.
  2. Interstate program for the creation of an astronomical atlas of the universe systems.
  3. Interstate program for accelerated near-Earth space exploration involving human intellectual and genetic potential.
  4. The interstate program of the planetary quantum transition in the mode of unpredictable exacerbations on the potential of the growing cosmic capabilities of human and society.

Secret research

  1. An interstate program for studying the possibilities of medical, psychological, neuro-mathematical activation of the brain and human endocrine system, using biotechnological, technological and biotechnical impacts with the aim of creating individual and collective systems of potential safety.
  2. Program of remote control of the human psyche.
  3. A program for studying methods of moving into the body of any person.
  4. The program for moving a person in time and space.
  5. The program of psychotechnical rejuvenation of the human body.
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