Special work

The MIKRUS complex, relying on the periodic system of special laws of life safety and special laws of the human psyche, develops and implements the following programs:

  1. Training disaster and emergency forecasting specialists.
  2. Training specialists for direct knowledge acquisition from the world information bank.
  3. Training specialists with knowledge of the psychocomputer.
  4. Space decryption of information.
  5. Training of specialists of virtual vision of a person on the thin plane.
  6. Training specialists to control human body systems.
  7. Expert – analytical special programs for information space intelligence.
  8. Expert – analytical programs for geological space exploration.
  9. Expert – analytical program and military intelligence system (planetary level).
  10. Expert – analytical system of military tactical space reconnaissance.
  11. Expert -analytical system for biosphere exploration of the Earth and Space.
  12. Expert-analytical system for genetic space exploration.
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